On 22 April, the shareholders' meeting of the Moda in Italy consortium was held, which also had the task of electing the new board of directors, as the current board was due to expire.
The shareholders' meeting elected Dario Budetti, Roberto Corbelli, Claudia Bellini and Cristina Berlini to the board of directors.
The newly elected board members then elected Roberto Corbelli as chairman for the third consecutive term and Dario Budetti as deputy chairman.
Back at the meeting, the councillors were also given their roles as per the statute.
Roberto Corbelli was appointed Director, Dario Budetti as Administrative Manager, Claudia Bellini as Communications Manager and Cristina Berlini as Accreditation Manager.
The new Board thanks the outgoing board members for the work they have done and looks forward to their participation in the work of the Consortium.