MODA IN ITALY‘s bodies are:

  • Member Companies’ Assembly: it represents all member companies and its functions are the election of the Board of Directors, approval of the budgets and definition of the main directions for the development of the promotional activities.
  • Board of Directors: it manages Moda in Italy and implements the decisions taken by the Member Companies’ Assembly, it decides upon the admission, withdrawal and esclusion of member companies.
  • President: he/she is the legal representative of Moda in Italy and signs the deeds, he/she presides over the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Assemblies.

MODA IN ITALY’s organization also includes the following roles:

  • General Manager – Mr Roberto Corbelli
  • Accounting Manager – Ms Cinzia Orsini
  • Marketing Manager – Ms Silvia Gandolfi, Mr Dario Budetti, Mr Tommaso Becca
  • Quality Manager – Ms Morena Rossi, Mr Dario Budetti, Ms Cristina Berlini
  • New projects and Development Manager – Ms Cristina Berlini, Mr Tommaso Becca