MODA IN ITALY – Consorzio tra Produttori del Settore Moda dell’Emilia Romagna is a Consortium for Internationalisation, with registered offices in Bologna (Northern Italy), gathering Italian manufacturing and services companies, and in particular those producing their own brand of men’s, ladies’ and children’s fashion collections and those offering specialist services for the fashion sector.

Since 1981, the year of its set-up, MODA IN ITALY has promoted, through initiatives and promotional projects, products of its member companies on all international markets. The mission of MODA IN ITALY is thus to facilitate and stimulate contacts between foreign specialist sector operators (importers, distributors, boutiques, buyers, etc.) and the member companies.

The supply, made up of the collections from the MODA IN ITALY member companies, is even more far reaching than before, covering the sectors:

  • wear
  • knitwear
  • leather clothing
  • furs
  • fashion and leather accessories
  • footwear
  • beach fashion
  • lingerie

The collections of MODA IN ITALY companies stand out for their

  • painstaking stylistic research,
  • targeted quality materials,
  • precise and high standard of preparation,
  • hand-crafted finishes,
  • making all collections highly original and unique.

Foreign importers, distributors, retailers, agents and buyers will thus find in MODA IN ITALY a single representative able to propose a wide range of fashion collections, of only the highest quality to meet the demands of a variety of market targets, even the most discerning of clients.

a single partner, a wide ranging supply