Project Description

Roberta Gandolfi company produces bags and accessories following the most refined fashion trends. With style and character, it makes each collection unique and unrepeatable. The brand operates according to the best Made in Italy tradition taking care of all details, from research to material processing.

Via Angelelli, 16 – 40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) – Italy
Tel. +39 051 703410
Fax +39 051 702614

Roberta Gandolfi

A young soul capable of understanding the style needs of women today. A brand receiving its strength from 40 years of women’s experience. Roberta Gandolfi, a brand which has changed the identity of bags turning them from mere containers of objects into beauty complements.
Objects of great appeal and strong personality, Roberta Gandolfi bags are a real travel through senses. One falls in love with the bags at a first glance as they convey tactile emotions through their materials and processed leather.
Rich in details developed and matched to make each style unique and unrepeatable, the brand collections add personality to the women wearing the bags and tell something about them, making them feel at ease and irresistible at any time.
Roberta Gandolfi bags are dynamic, elegant and refined. They are conceived for independent women who know what they want and who are searching for a complement making the difference, a subtle emotion accompanying them every day.