Project Description

UNDICIDIECI is born from the passion for accessories and fashion.

The research of the leather, the handmade, the desire to create a unique story for each product are UNDICIDIECI. The ability to fuse the ancient rules of leathers with new techniques of dyes, special and handmade with natural products which make UNDICIDIECI accessories exceptional and unusual. UNDICIDIECI works hard in the research of small accessories used in his creations, having great attention in finding the galvanic and accessories exclusively in aged brass, taking care of their image.

UNDICIDIECI handcrafted is expressed in their collection of bags and accessories of each season, entirely handmade with excellent leather, and in reinventing bags and accessories used by time, giving a new style.

A MADE IN ITALY which confirms the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of each product UNDICIDIECI.

Via Brunelli, 16 – 40052 Baricella (BO) – Italia
Tel. +39 051879591


The idea came out almost for fun, by the passion for creativity of the Designer and Mastermind, whose brand, no coincidence, carries his birth date on each piece.
And, just as a joke, Lorenzo Mandrioli decides to make his Style Idea in leather fashion come true and, magically, thanks to his lively mind and his skillful hand, the Idea becomes a creation of the Craft Store.
And…from a Spark asserting its desire of expressing itself, 11-10 arises.
The step from showing his handmade samples with the levity of who rushes into a challenge, and the fame smiling on Lorenzo, is quick and brief: 5 years. 5 years only to be successful in the leather fashion world.
This young talented Designer of the Made in Italy coming from the Bolognese hinterland, achieves the international goal: charming not only the European market but the overseas one as well.
It is imperative dwelling on the product: thoroughly detailed and the result of a peculiar attention for every almost unique item.
By 11-10 serial production has been forever dropped.  What comes alive in the family business belongs to the cosmopolitan market and turns to anybody who loves Beauty, but is absolutely part of a forgotten culture: Creativity for every single piece of work and Love for real exclusive Hand Made.
Each item, of the finest quality leather, is strictly hand dyed and this is the reason why colours, textures and nuances are completely different from each other.
Characher is inherent in every masterpiece of the Craft Shop of this gifted Designer who salutes the all over the world famous Made in Italy.
For everyone who wish to admire the collection “live”, 11-10 has chosen its location in the heart of the city of Bologna; a small chic Craft Shop where leather’s smell fuses with the exclusive scents especially selected to give the touch and warmth of a relaxing pause in the roaring Bolognese district.