To achieve its mission and encourage contacts between the member companies and international specialist operators, MODA IN ITALY implements promotional activities on foreign markets, providing organisational and strategic services, and developing plans and projects targeted at the various target countries.

In order to effectively boost contacts between the member companies and international operators seeking quality fashion products, highly strategic actions are implemented, such as:

  • researching and selecting potential partners
  • organisation of missions in target countries and preparation of meeting schedules
  • meetings in Italy with foreign delegations
  • organisation of B2B meetings between foreign companies and member companies
  • organisation of company visits to member company premises
  • strategic and operative consultancy for effective management of relations with identified partners

MODA IN ITALY also organises and promotes the following actions for all member companies:

  • participation at specialist trade fairs and events in target country markets
  • market and sector surveys
  • communication and publicity campaign actions
  • actions to enhance visibility on the web and social media
  • organisation of theme-based meetings, workshops and events
  • strategic and operative marketing consultancy

Over the years the strategy of the consortium MODA IN ITALY has proven to be a great success, supporting the member companies in high value experiences abroad, on all international markets, to achieve shared processes of internationalisation.

Starting from nearby Europe, thanks to shared strategies and objectives, MODA IN ITALY has accompanied its companies to overseas markets, through to the Far Eastand in recent years has with great satisfaction seen progressive consolidation on the Russian market.

Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow and Shanghai are just a few of the international locations where MODA IN ITALY and its member companies boast a now consolidated presence.